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We’re AMI Studio – a branding, design and communication agency focussed on telling compelling stories about brands big and small. And like any good friend, we want the focus to be on our clients – not so much us.

But while you’re here, now’s as good a time as any to introduce ourselves.

Founded and led by duo Anne Prinz and Mickael “Micka” Brock, we combine decades of experience across creative industries. Micka’s pioneering spirit drove him into the early world of e-commerce at the beginning of the 2000s, where he brought together his passions for snowboarding, fashion and digital innovation to help brands navigate the nascent world of online shopping. In the meantime, Anne was leading the charge in high-end hospitality design, drafting communication concepts, brand identities and experiences for luxury hotels with the industry-leading brand Design Hotels™.

The creative duo’s discovered a shared passion for film and launched a digital video publication called Astronaut Magazine in 2011, highlighting the work of independent filmmakers, videographers and digital artists through documentaries, film previews, interviews, music videos and more. Astronaut was a hit—it was awarded the Digital Magazine Award by 2011, just after Wired UK. The magazine took Anne and Micka around the world to innovation talks, film festivals and design symposiums, but it laid the foundation for connection across the creative industry, with an array of brands looking to reach their own customers using Astronaut’s simple yet clever narrative approach.

Fast forward to today, Anne, Micka and team – endearingly called Les Amis – combine their shared passion for creativity and connection to build inspired brands, campaigns, communication strategies and more, all while focussing on delivering quantifiable results that are led by performance.

"Like any good friends, we want to be someone our clients can always lean on – and for their customers to feel the same way about them.

We’re always up for new adventures."

Anne and Micka

For us, creative work is always far from over: We want your message to be heard by as many people as possible out there. That's why we advise and accompany you through all channels, or find the right multipliers.

Awards: German Design Award, Red Dot, Digital Magazine Award, Swiss App Award, Apple App of the Week

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Our Values that we work by.

Collaboration is key!

Being in a constant dialogue will help us to understand the needs and the scope of the project.

Teamwork works!

Talent wins games,
but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.

We like results!

Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort.

Let's be honest!

We see conflicts in the creative phase as an important driver to achieve good results.
Sometimes things have to be discussed.

Always stay positive!

We are optimistic about opportunities. This will always boost our creativity.