Just in time for the new school year,

Zalando is launching a Back to School campaign with a message of empowerment. First Day Back hands over the reins to the kids, allowing them to discover their own sense of style, share with their peers and influence each other along the way. The campaign evokes the nostalgic feeling of excitement surrounding the return to school after the summer holidays, reuniting with friends and making a good first impression following the long break.

Campaign Overview

Zalando’s fresh new take on the traditional Back to School campaign, First Day Back puts the kids front and centre, empowering them to be confident in their style and to not be afraid to take some risks when it comes to the clothes they wear. Shot over the course of two days, the campaign brought together eight children, who first participated in a day-long workshop, hosted by Zalando and sup- ported by the photographer Raúl Ruz and the stylist Kamilla Richter, designed to help them discover their own style and capture some of their looks along the way before shooting the campaign imagery the following day. The kids were in charge of their own style the day of the shoot, selecting their favourite look, which was then shot during the shoot the next day. Not only do the images take the viewer back to their own days at school, they also leverage the creativity of the kids. Some of the kids have even started putting their newly acquired skills to good use. “Milo’s favourite pieces from the workshop were the baseball jacket and the Nike sneakers without laces,” explains his mother Dari, who was on set. “He’s currently rocking them in school every day!

Led by fashion stylist Kamilla Richter and fashion and kids photographer Raúl Ruz, the kids chose pieces they love from Zalando’s diverse range of Back to School essentials during the workshop on day one, mixing and matching their favourite pieces to create their own look.

 With the kids at the reins, they put together unique looks that inspire confidence and made them feel empowered. Once the kids had chosen their favourite looks, Raúl taught them photography basics, helping them spark their creativity by playing with Polaroid cameras. The kids learnt how to stand both in front of and behind the camera, taking turns practising poses and snapping shots of each other.